NSDA Update - Winter 2019

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President's Message

As I write this, it is a beautiful sunny, but extremely cold day, so I hope everyone is keeping warm and safe during this very cold and icy winter. I, myself, am longing for spring and warmer days.

In the Fall Newsletter, I talked a lot about the role and the work of the Board. I would like to provide a brief update.  We have had a busy few months.

  • The Board’s Nominations Committee is working diligently to develop a recruitment strategy that will allow for a strong, sustainable board in our future as a College. The Nominations Committee, of Melissa Campbell, Janice Terry and Laura Bockus-Thorne, are to be commended for their dedication and work on the development of a process for recruitment of high quality, diverse and competent leadership for future board stewardship.
  • The Board’s Governance Committee has been looking at the skill sets, knowledge and experience of our current board members, through the completion of a gap analysis. This data is very useful to the Nominations Committee in conducting their work, as well. The members of the Governance Committee, Sarah MacDonald, Amy MacDonald and Jennifer Josey, continue to work to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the Board, ensuring that evaluation processes, such as the gap analysis, evaluation of the orientation program of the Board, and meeting evaluations, are completed. Again, this committee is to be applauded for its work.
  • Valerie MacPherson and Megan Austin work as our risk lead team ensuring that the Board’s decision-making process, and other internal controls, are in line with the established Risk Oversight Framework. These individuals hold a very important role on the Board and must be praised and thanked for their work.
  • Jennifer Garus, our executive manager, has been doing a tremendous job of providing you, the registrants, with a great overview of how the College will function and our responsibilities to our College as licenced dietitians.  While Jennifer is not an “official” member of the Board, in her role as executive manager, she has a wealth of knowledge that she provides to the Board as needed. This is an incredible support to the Board and we greatly appreciate her assistance and guidance as we may require it.  She also does an amazing job overseeing and running the overall operations and inner workings of NSDA, and all of us, as registrants, must recognize how fortunate we are to have an executive manager like Jennifer.
  • Since December, an Ad Hoc Committee, consisting of Judy Lowe, Janice Terry, and Jennifer Garus, with help and input from the Nominations and Governance Committees, has been reviewing and revising the bylaws for the College of Dietitians and Nutritionists of Nova Scotia. A special meeting of the entire Board was held in early February for continued review, revision and approval of the changes to the Bylaws. The next step is to obtain legal opinion with respect to the revisions. These bylaws will then be circulated to registrants for review and consultation. This had been a long and tedious process and I want to sincerely thank everyone who was involved, and for willingly giving their time to this undertaking.

I want to share some highlights from our regularly scheduled November board meeting with you.

  • Jennifer Garus, Judy Lowe, and Sarah MacDonald provided an overview of learnings from the Canadian Network of Agencies for Regulation (CNAR) conference they attended, so that all board members could benefit from the knowledge they gained. This is of vital importance because all education we receive is our ‘insurance’ that we are doing what we should be doing and what we need to do.
  • There was robust discussion around fees for Temporary Members, with the final decision being to stay with the status quo for the immediate future.
  • The Nominations Committee shared their vision and plan with the Board for their work over the next 8-12 months, a brief summary of which was provided above. It is anticipated that this new process will be in place for recruitment and nominations next year (2020).

In closing, I just want to remind everyone that renewal time is here…. I guess I had better get my CCP forms updated.


Judy Lowe

NSDA President 2018-2020


2018-19 Board of Directors (from left to right): Megan Austen, Melissa Campbell, Janice Terry,
Judy Lowe, Sarah MacDonald, Jennifer Garus, Laura Bockus-Thorne, Jennifer Josey, Amy MacDonald.
Missing: Valerie MacPherson.