NSDA Newsletter - December 2020

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Important Information

Moving out of province?  When dietitians apply to other colleges, NSDA completes a Labour Mobility Verification Form to inform the other college that the dietitian is registered in good standing.  There is a $25 administration fee for NSDA to send the new college verification of credentials, exam results, and the Labour Mobility Form.  The fee is payable by cheque or e-transfer.   If your last CCP submission was unsatisfactory, this will be communicated to the other college. 

As I am not currently practicing as a dietitian, should I maintain my license with NSDA?

At this time, you are advised to maintain your license with NSDA if there is a possibility that you will return to dietetic practice at some point. When NSDA becomes a college, there will be a non-practicing roster.  Before resigning, contact NSDA to understand implications specific to your situation.

I am moving out of Canada to practice as a dietitian, but I may return to Nova Scotia to practice at a later date.  Should I maintain my license in Nova Scotia?

You are advised to maintain your license with NSDA if you have never written and passed the Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam (CDRE).  Based on Policy 4.10, you would be required to pass the CDRE for reinstatement unless you are registered in good standing with another Canadian dietetic regulatory body at the time of application.

If you passed the CDRE more than three years before the date of application, you will need to satisfy the Registration Committee that you have been registered as a dietitian in good standing in the other jurisdiction, have practiced a minimum of 600 hours in three years before the date of your application and have met a regulatory body’s continuing competency requirements.  Otherwise, the Registration Committee may deem upgrading required for reinstatement.

How do I change my email address in the NSDA renewal system?

You can access the online database throughout the year.  Please keep your email address, mailing address and employment information up-to-date by logging onto the membership database and updating your profile details.  

If you have a change in email address or wish to change your password, log on and click on your name at the top right corner of the screen.  Then click Account.

 Where do I find my renewal receipt and license verification?

To access your renewal receipt, log onto the membership database and click on My Applications (found on the left side of the screen under Applications). Hard copies of license cards are no longer mailed out.  To access your license verification online, log-on and click on Download My License (found on the left side of the screen under My License).