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 Protection of Title

NSDA serves and protects the public interest by protecting the profession’s professional titles, dietitian and nutritionist. Title protection enables the public to understand that those who use such titles have specific credentials, education, training, and continued competence approved by a regulatory body and is subject to the oversight of a regulatory body. Protected titles provide clarity to the public about the qualifications of the individual who is providing services.

Section 12(2) of the Professional Dietitians Act (1989) states : “A person not licensed under this Act who is not qualified for membership in the Association may not use any of the following titles or designations: "Dietitian" or "Dietician", "Dietitian-Nutritionist", "Nutritionist", "Professional Dietitian" or "Professional Dietician", "Professional Dietitian-Nutritionist", "Professional Nutritionist", "Dietetiste", "Dietetiste-Nutritionniste", "Dietetiste Professionelle", "Dieteticienne", "Nutritionniste" or the initials "P.Dt." or "Dt.P." either alone or in combination with other words, letters or descriptions.”

NSDA contacts those using the protected titles and advises them to cease using the title and apply to NSDA if they have the qualifications to be registered as a dietitian in Nova Scotia.