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Once licensed with NSDA, a registrant is authorized to use the titles dietitian or nutritionist in Nova Scotia. To use the titles and practice as a dietitian in another province, a dietitian must become registered in the other province. Dietitians practising in more than one province must be registered with the dietetic regulatory body in the province(s) where they practice. Dietitians can be registered in more than one province.

If practicing by electronic means (e.g. telephone, internet or email counselling), the dietitian must adhere to the Virtual Practice Policy. Some provinces require the dietitian to be licensed in the province where the client lives when practicing by electronic means. In Nova Scotia, dietitians registered with another provincial regulatory body may provide services by electronic means to Nova Scotians.

Dietitians must practice under the name registered with NSDA. To practice under a different name, the dietitian must provide evidence of the name change (e.g. marriage certificate). The database (also known as the register) must contain dietitians’ current information. A registrant's online profile can be updated through the Online Renewal System any time throughout the year.

Once a dietitian resigns from NSDA, they must apply to NSDA for reinstatement. If they are registered in good standing in another province at the time of application, they are eligible for reinstatement. If they are not registered with another provincial dietetic regulatory body at the time of application, the Registration Committee will assess eligibility for reinstatement. Upgrading may be required. If they have not written the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE), they will be required to write the CDRE.