NSDA Update Fall 2018

New Continuing Competency Program Auditing Process

The new Continuing Competency Program (CCP) auditing process was carried out in 2018.  It is outlined in Policy 5.2.  The rubric used to evaluate submissions can be found HERE.

Fifteen percent of CCP submissions are audited annually through random selection and based on screening for satisfactory completion. Auditors are dietitians who volunteer to audit.  For consistency and correctness, all auditors are trained on how to complete the audit. Every effort is made to keep submissions confidential and anonymous to auditors.

An unsatisfactory submission is incomplete or has an audit score below 50%. Two trained auditors review each submission that is found to be unsatisfactory to prevent discrepancies/inconsistencies in the auditing process. If the submission remains unsatisfactory based on the scores from two independent auditors, the Continuing Competency Committee will review the submission and give the Practice Advisor further direction.

 Unacceptable CCP Submissions

If your submission is unsatisfactory, your subsequent submission will also be audited. A personalized letter is sent by registered mail indicating problem areas, specific suggestions for improvement, and follow up action. Upon notification of audit results, support is offered to facilitate understanding of the expectations of the CCP. Dietitians are strongly encouraged to meet with the Practice Advisor, Amanda Connors. A license will not be renewed if the subsequent submission is unsatisfactory.

When dietitians apply to other colleges, NSDA completes a Labour Mobility Verification Form to inform the other college that the dietitian is registered in good standing.  If your last CCP submission was unsatisfactory, this will be communicated to the other college.

New CCP Resource

Critical Reflection and Continuing Competency - presented by Bonnie Conrad at NSDA's May 2018 Education Day 

Volunteering to audit is a valuable way to increase your understanding of the CCP. Audits are completed every spring. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to volunteer.